Writing a letter of inquiry for grant

This example includes reference to community supporters by name, and also repeats one of the program objectives affordable housing.

Letter of intent for proposal sample

Describe two or three projects you have run successfully. Include a list of your current program supporters as part of the budget you attach to the letter of inquiry. Wrap up the letter with contact information. Clear closing. Use letterhead. Describe the target population and geographic area. Think of an LOI like an audition for a part in a play.

In the next two to four sentences, plant the seeds for your needs. A Sample LOI.

Sample letter of intent for grant funding pdf

When you find yourself in that situation, keep these things in mind: Send it to the correct person. HHCI supports similar goals and focus by assisting low-income families in realizing their dreams of homeownership, thereby improving the environment of communities where they live and shop. Describe your program, project, or activity as it relates to the need or problem described under the Statement of Need as previously discussed. Use letterhead. But, also, Mim Carlson, author of " Winning Grants: Step by Step ", suggests that you review your LOI with these questions in mind: Did I state the name of the project and the amount of money I'm seeking in the first paragraph? Sometimes, though, a funder may ask for your c 3 nonprofit determination letter. List other funding sources, including government agencies and private and public foundations, including those you currently are approaching for funding support. You blew their mind one time, so be sure to do it again!

True story. You might draw the elements of the LOI from a grant proposal that you have already written, even one that may be already partially funded.

business grant proposal sample

Communicate clearly how your project relates to their funding guidelines and philanthropic philosophy. Describe present and future funding and all sources of support.

Letter of inquiry sample for students

In one sentence, note how you want the recipient to be involved. Am I right? The proposal letter can be another test of whether you and the funder are a good match. Or you could use the information you are in the process of putting together for a potential proposal. In one line of type, make sure the CEO signs the letter of inquiry. Include relevant demographics, a few concrete examples of the problem, and supporting statistical data. Project description. HHCI has been at work in Olympus County since , building houses in partnership with those in need of decent affordable housing. This helps potential funders decide if they are interested enough in the project to ask for a formal grant proposal. Use letterhead. Tell your readers what comes next and how you can be reached; include your phone number even though it might appear on your letterhead. Describe the need or problem clearly.

The Foundation Center is one source for linking to foundation websites to view their funding guidelines. Include relevant demographics, a few concrete examples of the problem, and supporting statistical data. Make it count.

writing a letter of inquiry for grant
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Write the Letter of Inquiry: A Step in the Right Direction