Write andx response nonspecific error code

write andx response nonspecific error code

If the comparisons fail, the client system may be incapable of encryption; if so the string may be the user password in clear text. Earlier versions of the protocol only supported a flat server name space.

When a user level server validates the account name and password presented by the client, an identifier representing that authenticated instance of the user is returned to the client in the Uid field of the response SMB.

Comment 12 eric UTC i've been following this bug, as i am having the same problem.

The client can then change to a mode where the file is repeatedly opened and closed. ErrorClass and Status.

et policy smb2 nt create andx request for an executable file

The translation can be performed in-place. Everything was working until I switched to F9.

User level servers may use the account name to check access control lists on individual files, or may have one access control list that applies to all files in the directory. Distribution of this document is unlimited. The value of Uid in subsequent requests by the client will be ignored and all access will be validated assuming the account name selected above. This word has the following format: bits: 11 rrrr rrrr rrrC rrOO where: C - Create action to be taken if file does not exist. Naik, Microsoft draft-leach-cifs-v1-spec It is based on the Server Message Block protocol widely in use by personal computers and workstations running a wide variety of operating systems. All the commands I used are provided: for the tcpdump command line, it's there in comment 29 item 2 ; for the smbspool command line, the typescript is a transcript of the session using 'script'. Once the connection has been idle for a while, it may be torn down. Data may be read ahead for the caller and other optimizations, such as buffering locks, can also be performed. Although it is yet not clear why, and the fact it is an "unspecific" error does not help.
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