What it would be like if quebec was independent from canada

January Modernization[ edit ] "Sovereignty-Association" is nowadays more often referred to simply as "sovereignty". There are, of course, quite a few exceptions. Partition is not allowed without the consent of the affected provinces.

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We'll use civil disobedience. The open-ended wording of the question resulted in significant confusion, particularly amongst the 'Yes' side, as to what exactly they were voting for. With voting turnouts high, That of i. That is why separation will not happen. The PQ then began an aggressive effort to promote sovereignty-association by providing details of how the economic relations with the rest of Canada would include free trade between Canada and Quebec, common tariffs against imports, and a common currency. In the mostly French-speaking Ottawa suburb of Vanier, the council approved the resolution, and later rescinded its approval.

While opponents of sovereignty were pleased with their referendum victories, most recognized that there are still deep divides within Quebec and problems with the relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada.

This more complicated picture of Quebec's separation and its consequences may be described as a worst-case scenario. Canada's dilemma, typically put, is the separation of Quebec. Partition is illegal due to municipalities being entities created by the Quebec National Assembly and therefore, the municipalities cannot hold referendum on separations, because they don't have any constitutional powers.

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Further information: The Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoples There was a feeling amongst the Cree of Northern Quebec, that should the province separate, they would remain part of Canada, and would force the province to return to its pre boundaries, and re-establish the Ungava district of the Northwest Territories, or a new territory or province created in its place.

Trudeau's observation that if Canada is divisible, Quebec is also divisible, was made on the eve of a referendum in which he was attempting to encourage voters to cast their ballots against secession. The data on the questions revealed as follows to the first hard line question of "Do you believe that Quebec should become a country separate from Canada?

The term sometimes used for this eventuality is "Pakistanisation", [1] in reference to the way in which East Pakistan and West Pakistan were separated by hundreds of miles of foreign soil, following independence inwith East Pakistan eventually separating and becoming its own country, Bangladeshin He had told the Canadian Parliament in the run-up to the referendum: "In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts The note also appears to provide two different responses, depending on the outcome.

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If Quebec splits, the tremors will be global