Vodafone pestel porter swot

If you need help with something similar, please submit your details here. Substitute products available are also increasing, which is threat collectively for the whole industry as consumption of current products decrease.

The fluctuating interest rates in the country do not provide a stable financial and economic environment.

vodafone pestle analysis 2018

Website: Vodafone has a well-functioning and interactive website that draws a large number of internet traffic and sales.

Technological developments: technology comes with numerous benefits among many departments. Quality Control: Vodafone has a lower budget for its quality control department than competitors.

Vodafone can take advantage by manufacturing products that are beneficial to customer's health. Use its strong financial position to invest in intellectual property rights. Higher rates would result in greater investments that would mean more growth for Vodafone However efficiently the financial markets operate also impact how well Vodafone can raise capital at a fair price, keeping in mind the demand and supply.

This would translate to the level of urgency required to adequately respond to the innovation, either by matching the technology or finding an innovative alternative.

Education level in the economy Labor costs and productivity in the economy Business cycle stage e. It is a tailback organization of London verified Vodafone plc.

Economic factors that Vodafone Group Plc should consider while conducting PESTEL analysis are - Type of economic system in countries of operation — what type of economic system there is and how stable it is.

Vodafone pestel porter swot

Fuel price has risen in recent years making inputs expensive.

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Vodafone External Environment