Vegetable market s pollution

Everyday, about to tonnes of fruits and vegetables are sold in the market and discharge three tonnes of waste.

control of pollution

As awareness of the risk of heavy metal contamination in food chain increases national and international regulations on food quality have lowered the maximum acceptable levels of toxic heavy metals in food items. The source is where the pollution comes from, that is, where the pollution is released into the environment.

economics of pollution

The market is currently overloaded and does not meet regulations on fire safety, food safety and hygiene. A good example is floodwater that washes all types of waste from the land possibly including faecal matter into a river.

Report on pollution

Due to the importance of this issue and changes in the sources of contamination, it is recommended to conduct studies with this nature periodically. Air Pollution Damage to Plants. After ozone, PAN is the next most phytotoxic air pollutant. Due to the tissue collapse induced by ozone, leaves are prone to infection by pathogens such as Alternaria sp early blight and will senesce sooner. Long Bien night market is particularly attractive for foreign tourists thanks to its vibrant colors, shimmering lights and bustling trading scene. The staff was directed to remove the wastage dumped in the markets and also the vegetable vendors and others were warned not to dump rotten vegetables and other waste material in the market area which lead to unhygienic conditions. Susceptibility of watermelon cultigens to ozone injury. In your area you might also see urban run-off when rain washes waste from the land surface. Loud music from music shops and clubs in an urban community is a known source of noise disturbance. Pollution can be classified by its physical nature, by its source, by its recipient, by the sector affected or by its effects. Sorghum and lettuce yields were found to be mostly unaffected by exposure to ozone.

Such noise may please some, but it disturbs many other people because it interferes with communication in the daytime and sleeping at night.

For example, water samples from several different points upstream and downstream will need to be analysed to locate precisely where the problem originated.

environmental pollution

The river is receiving run-off containing fertiliser and pesticide chemicals that had been applied to the crops, which is made worse by the farmer washing his sack that had contained the pesticide.

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How pollution effect vegetables( case study )