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Those details help transform the destination you're writing about from words on a page to a vivid place in the reader's mind.

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I know that other writers have had different experiences. However, where you guest post has a huge effect on your results. I tried it with several different editors a number of times before I won the platform lottery.

Essay posts can also take advantage of elements such as subheadings, blockquotes, inline images, and even embedded lists to organize their content.

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Here are some tips for writing essay posts: Make sure you open strong. Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I'm a mother of two young children with many sleepless nights under my belt! Study popular headlines from the appropriate section in our guide to The Huffington Post's Most Popular Articles included in this toolkit. But why might a pitch fail? Make sure you have the sources to back up your pitch: Our fact-checkers need to ensure that everything we publish is as water-tight as possible. Training webinars for contributors are also offered regularly. The most effective thing you can do to launch your travel-writing career is to bring your hometown, state, or region to life for others. Go you! A few disclaimers First, I am new to HuffPo.

If you run a search on the HuffPo search engine, it will not show up. Editors hate "bait and switch" headlines that create expectations that the article does not deliver. The other way I have had articles promoted is thanks to an editor who generously offered to answer some questions I posted on a FB group for writers.

This tactic usually works best when you want to format each point into two or more paragraphs. She was also a member of the group. So if you are attempting an ambitious story, do make sure you have the sources, and the research to report out the story.

I was surfing the web one day, trying to figure out how to get a wider audience for my writing when I stumbled across the HuffPo contributor platform during one of its open registration periods. I was a extremely lucky with my first post; it was featured on the front page of the HuffPost Small Business section, which brought in a ton of readers.

Put your strongest points at the start and end of your list.

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In most cases you should also: State your point early in the article Use casual, familiar language i. Many big names blog on The Huffington Post, so competition for better placement is tough. Are they short or long? Upon approval, the article would appear like magic on the selected vertical. Mary Hiers Israeli-American psychologist Daniel Kahneman is an expert in the psychology of judgment and decision, and his research has challenged assumptions of human rationality as a driver in economic decision-making. You can see it here. Create a scrapbook of your favorite stories and refer to them for inspiration. In addition, it helped me attract visitors to my sites and promote sales of my book for several months. And if you don't have qualifications or much experience, talk about your passion for the topic. Be polite, but be persistent. It was a very busy year before I realized I had not just a post, but my own blog set up on The Huffington Post. HuffPo should pay. But sometimes, when none of the advice seems to work, you simply need some encouraging words to get through the night. There are pros and cons to each approach.
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