The steps in creating an effective lesson plan

The curriculum you wish to cover may be too much for the time allotted. Find a way to make it timely—even if it's a bit of a reach.

Importance of lesson plan

You want to cover the material you are expected to and giving it too much focus you forget about the fact that the lesson should be fun and exciting for your students to retain the knowledge and develop skills. Enjoy the process of creating a lesson plan. This should be part of the lesson and can be whole-group, mini-group, or individual work. How will you take them to the next level? Brunn has worked with educators in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools to help them design more effective lesson plans. What does the curriculum from your state or your district require? Try not to rely solely on your textbook for lessons, but do ensure that you evaluate any other source you might use like other books, other teachers, written resources, and internet web pages.

They must also match the needs of the learners. Additional Resources Need more resources for effective lesson planning?

basic lesson plan format

Always choose good quality resources that come from reliable sources, and make sure they are safe for your students to use, touch, smell or work with.

NB: Using funny looking images creates a lighter atmosphere in the classroom as it draws the student in and builds greater engagement.

Steps in lesson planning ppt

Some consider homework guided practice, though unless you have the means and technology to offer flipped instruction, there would be little guidance. Learn More What is a Lesson Plan? For example, a specific historical character might have had some unusual hobbies, little secrets, pets, toys or favourite songs that can seem funny or maybe even disgusting, repulsive or controversial. Will you target instruction for certain students by grouping? Although formal training provided me with the basic tools of teaching, I have found that understanding the needs of my students ahead of mine is the most important aspect to take into consideration when planning any lesson. If you have a clear expectation, so will your students. Learning is dynamic. Teachers will need to find out if their students are walking away from the lesson with any misconceptions.

It will also broaden their current knowledge on the topic. Use active words like explain, summarize, measure, or recall instead of vague words like study or learn.

Sheldon encourages teachers to share lessons that work—and ones that don't—with their colleagues.

5 step lesson plan for teachers

I explained how you can accomplish this is in the assessments section.

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7 Steps to Prepare an Exciting and Effective lesson plan