The influence of reading in emmas life

She ventured with Vronsky to Italy to try to repair their relationship and then to a country estate. I made her take her shawl—for the evenings are not warm—her large new shawl— Mrs.

This is how Emma interprets it, and a first time reader might also choose to read this moment as Emma does. They were filled with love affairs, lovers, mistresses, persecuted ladies fainting in lonely country houses, postriders killed at every relay, horses ridden to death on every page, dark forests, palpitating hearts, vows, sobs, tears and kisses, skiffs in the moonlight, nightingales in thickets, and gentlemen brave as lions gentle as lambs, virtuous as none really is, and always ready to shed floods of tears.

We'll take a look right away. And like the heroines of the novels she read she saw her only salvation would be through a dramatic suicide. The film, however, featured no spoken dialogue. She saw herself as the master of her destiny.

Knightley must marry no one but herself!

marriage and social status in emma

The fantasy in which she lived made her unable to take action for herself. She subtly demands through wordplay, ambiguous narrative authority, and scenes of misrecognition that her readers remain open to possibilities on the page that are not the most readily apparent, and perhaps are not even the meanings we want to read.

She wanted the things she read about to come alive in her own life. Knightley wishes to eradicate.

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How Jane Austen’s Emma changed the face of fiction