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He did not live to complete the book he planned about her, but his projected Paterson, Book VI clearly revealed the essentially romantic sensibility she had nurtured.

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In a letter to Alva Turner one of the many amateur poets with whom he frequently correspondedWilliams assessed the profits of the pen: "Meanwhile I receive in royalties for my last two books the munificent sum of one hundred and thirty dollars—covering the work of a ten or fifteen year period, about twelve dollars a year.

Beginning with his internship in the decrepit "Hell's Kitchen" area of New York City and throughout his 40 years of private practice in Rutherford, Williams heard the "inarticulate poems" of his patients.

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He continued his medical career for more than 40 years, writing in his spare time. Under Pound's tutelage he had denigrated Whitman, only to reverse himself later when postwar critics demonstrated that it was neither naive to approve Whitman nor unflattering to be said to resemble him. Williams's Works As always, there was a tremendous gap between what Williams intended—"autotelic," "pure," aristocratic poetry exhibiting primarily metrical expertness—and what he actually wrote—Whitmanesque poetry celebrating the native and the local that affirmed the beauty and meaning of the commonplace in American democracy. Knock the glass out! Williams's perennial delight in walking in the world. Williams's first serious illness in Williams "saw his poetic task was to affirm the self-reliant, sympathetic consciousness of Whitman in a broken industrialized world," Stauffer noted. Another may have been his own success, known only to a few, in Spring and All. Pound called the work "incoherent" and H. Also at this time, as Perkins demonstrated, Williams was "beginning to stress that poetry must find its 'primary impetus'

A doctor for more than 40 years serving the citizens of Rutherford, he relied on his patients, the America around him, and his own ebullient imagination to create a distinctively American verse.

Perhaps a less subjective appraisal came from Webster Schott, who defined Williams as "an immensely complicated man: energetic, compassionate, socially conscious, depressive, urbane, provincial, tough, fastidious, capricious, independent, dedicated, completely responsive.

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The Desert Music and Journey to Love, he said, "were written in an unusual period of recovery of creative power after Dr. Book IV, which takes place at the currently polluted mouth of the river, seems an exception to the affirmations of most of his work.

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William Carlos Williams