The causes and effects of world war one also known as the great war

Role of women Up until the war, women were perceived in a certain way in society.

world war 1 timeline

Christopher Clark stated, "The Russian general mobilisation was one of the most momentous decisions of the July crisis. The seemingly gentle hills are lasting testaments to the heavy shelling during the Battle of Verdun.

who won world war 1

July Germany enters a period preparatory to war. Four Balkan states defeated the Ottoman Empire in the first war; one of the four, Bulgaria, was defeated in the second war. The British Bristol Type 22 was another popular model used for both reconnaissance work and as a fighter plane. In the Balkans, Slavic Serbs sought independence from Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, and inthey tried to gain control of Bosnia and Herzegovina to form a unified Serbian state.

The Entente, in contrast to the Triple Alliance or the Franco-Russian Alliance, was not an alliance of mutual defence, and Britain therefore felt free to make her own foreign policy decisions in The war was fought in and drew upon each power's colonial empire as well, spreading the conflict to Africa and across the globe.

Following the assassination, Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia, which was rejected and led Austria-Hungary to declare war against Serbia, with German support.

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World War I: Summary, Causes & Facts