The benefits of music education essay

importance of music education essay

However, the field of music therapy is limited by a lack of literature Tervanieri, ; further research should elaborate on the benefits of playing versus listening for individuals with similar impairments, and investigate the effectiveness of music therapy when applied in a pediatric context.

Providing music as part of education helps develop intelligence that leads to greater success in school and in life. We are speaking of a scientific study that is concerned with the mechanisms of the brain that are involved in the listening, composing and performing of music.

Benefits of Music Education Essay - Obtaining musical knowledge gives children skills and experiences that carry through all aspects of life. Aristotle held that the addition of music heightened the theatrical experience for the viewer. Music Does Not Make People Smarter The case with pregnant women playing classic music to their children is only one example of the fact that people understand all these theories as if the music makes children smarter.

Facts about music education

Low-income schools, such as Haven Elementary School, located in Savannah, Georgia and other similar schools in California, have had to make the decision to drastically reduce the amount of time spent in art-related classrooms or cut the classes all together Manuscript in press, Early Childhood Research Quarterly. I had always been a band student, but when I took up the tenor saxophone during sophomore year, I gained a newfound appreciation of music Journal of Research in Music Education, 46, The first and most important reason why music education should be a bigger part of the educational programs is to make students more musical. Neurological Research, 19, Any music teacher or parent of a music student can call to mind anecdotes about effectiveness of music study in helping children become better students. It helps students with their academic success, attitudes, behaviors, and testing abilities. Not only will this improve the students test scores, but it will also give the students a broader imagination and more creativity in and out of the classroom There were significant decreases in anxiety, depression, and loneliness following keyboard lessons. Classroom keyboard instruction improves kindergarten children's spatial-temporal performance: A field study. Does music exist just to please people?

Responsible risk-taking: Performing a musical piece can bring fear and anxiety. Schools have been cutting music from the program for many reasons, such as financial problems, music being considered pointless, and lack of interest.

Therefore, regardless if children are amazing singers, love playing the piano or just listen to music in their room, everyone needs music education. It has been proven time and time again that music education is one of the most effective trivial mind builders, as well as a way to lower the hindrance to achieve a creative mind, and more The Benefits of Higher Education Essay words - 9 pagesmanagement, or the sciences.

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The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.

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The Benefits Of Music Education Essay