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No Subtitles A Key Stage 2 teacher presents a maths lesson on teaching algebra using formulas and predictions, in a primary lesson idea for use in lesson planning. Or divide your class into groups and allocate parts to sing or sing in a round.

No Subtitles For absorbing lesson-planning ideas for Key Stage 2 maths, look at these activities designed to engage primary pupils in learning about numbers.

No Subtitles A Key Stage 2 teacher uses theatre boxes at the end of a history topic as a fun way for pupils to present and share their different research in this lesson idea. Although no one questions the importance of preparing for a test, success in passing or getting good scores in an ESL test is determined by several factors, most of which come into play way before the actual moment students take the test. Read and draw activities Give children a short reading text e. No Subtitles See how a Year 3 teachers uses a familiar children's story to help her pupils improve their French modern language literacy skills, in an innovative lesson idea for Key Stage 2. For a short period of time, they get to talk to people from all around the world. Wordplay activities Use matching activities with pictures and words or phrases, anagrams, missing letters, definitions games, jumbled sentences, wordsearches, crosswords. No Subtitles Three teachers bring KS2 maths, science and literacy to life for Year 3 and Year 4 pupils, as their creative, cross-curricular lesson plans include using music and dance to teach anatomy and tessellation. Or divide your class into groups and allocate parts to sing or sing in a round.

Clapping and clicking games are good for larger classes as they involve movement without too much hassle. Vary pairs and groups by assigning random numbers.

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Yet, the limited timeframe and distance learning are obstacles when teaching challenging English concepts. These fun and lively activities include football skills, warm-ups and a 'dance and stomp' lesson.

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Arts and crafts activities This type of activity requires thorough preparation!

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