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And just as Sol expected, their tandem is immediately grasped by the voters, thus making the former fireman the President of the Philippines. Fina also has feelings for Jomari Enchong Dee. Commotions start and danielle is separated from her daughter. He used to be a fireman, whereas he was assumed by Sol to be the savior of many lives at the burning hospital.

She is abused by her mother often due to disobedience and impoliteness. Meanwhile, Matas asks Emil to look for her newborn child. Erich Gonzales got her second main character role as Fina on the series.

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He is the favorite son of his parents Sol and Trinity, the cause of Jomari's envy towards him. Sol is Jomari's abusive father. She dies after giving birth at the hospital. She is the first person to discover the truth about Fina.

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In order to once and for all fulfill his dream of being one of the successful politicians in the country, he convinces Juan who was then a senator running for presidency to be with him as his running mate. Due to her husband Emil's fatality, she starts to abhor Marcela. Thinking that the infant is no other than her newborn sister, she instantly grabs the infant to safety. She is also Epi's cousin and Artemio's niece. He is the favorite son of his parents Sol and Trinity, the cause of Jomari's envy towards him. Danny and Family. Sol is Jomari's abusive father. She loathes her father because he leaves them alone with no one to hold. Unfortunately, the event leads to Emil's rather untimely death, thus leaving Leona a widow, and Isabel without a father. In the end, he gets engaged to Fina Policarpio, but he later dies while saving her.

As the story goes on Fina is discovered to be the real First Daughter and Leona goes out with Diego, Jomari's brother. However, Juan grows an enormous rage to his sister Leona. Together with Sol, they decided to run for presidency and vice-presidency, which they won.

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