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Subway Business Plan The worst thing you can do in preparing a Subway business plan is answer the questions in a generic fashion.

The franchise runs 38, restaurants in 99 countries. Brand Identity Franchise applications should demonstate a knowledge and awareness regarding the brand identity of the Subway name and how they can promote it within the compliance standards of the parent company at the local level.

Yousef BU - Applied Business Research and Communication Skills Southern State University August 21, Abstract This case study determines the critical success factors used by Subway Restaurants Corporation to expand nationally, which the corporation wants to use also to expand internationally.

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The following areas will help explain how the company plans to differentiate the business and product offering from the competition, and define the strategy that will drive its business forward. Moreover, the business proposal will identify methods to minimize cost for Subway. Another key to success lies with our ability to execute our plan. The franchiser, "The Subway Shop Inc. These are the steps to acquiring and running your Subway business; How do I become a subway franchisee? Sign the Subway franchise terms of agreement and renewal which seals your 20 years contract that can be renewed on expiration with the company. This is coupled with our strategic location. The franchisor offers an equipment leasing program to most franchisees in the U. These products include submarine sandwiches popularly known as Subs, salads and wraps, paninis, cookies, muffins and donuts. The consolation is that no matter our current size, we will gradually expand with the right approach and determination.

The highest initial outlay is for the franchise fee. Business Summary Introduce yourself and include your background. You will have proper training and support before you launch your business and even after you start, there will be periodic trainings for you and your staff.

Now you have the opportunity to put together a plan that captures the vital aspects of doing business.

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In addition, Subway may loan money to franchisees in connection with a Subway restaurant. Our site was confirmed in April, therefore our goal is to be up and running by August.

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The nature of this response should not just be generic brand preference, but based upon a well-reasoned conclusion of why the brand will be ideal for the introduction into your target area. Operations The supply chain for a Subway franchise is heavily integrated with the supply chain of Subway company and the operations process is often set in place for franchise holders to follow. The Sub Shop also offers a fresher and tastier alternative to typical fried fast food products such as hamburgers and French fries. Our goal is to be that choice in Sanaa, Yemen. If we neglect one or more aspects of our plan, whether that is our numbers, our employees, our cleaning and food standards, or our commitment to customers, we will not succeed and thrive. We would have loved to start on a larger scale. The aim of the Subway marketing campaigns is to drive profitable sales for Subway franchisees. The franchiser, "The Sub Shop Corp. All Subway franchisees have the advantage of a well-proven system that has been working for over 50 years. About Subway Franchise It all started in the year when a young man went to a family friend to solicite for college funds. In addition, 4. Target Market A lot of people love to eat out. Lending services are available for you in case you need them. Our strong commitment to growth also counts among our strengths. It is a one time payment which will give you the right to use Subway trademark and brand name anywhere in the world.

You will need eight to twelve employees to run your Subway franchise. How much does a Subway owner make a year? Our high standards of quality and cleanliness will establish our reputation as the cleanest fast food restaurant in Sanaa.

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