Steps to writing a formal letter

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Use proper format and presentation Remember that the first impression is the one that lasts. Body of the Letter This is the main content of the letter.

Step 5: The Signature: Sing the letter in your own handwriting just below the closing. Today, it is enough to use your laptop or a mobile phone to create a text and send it directly from your device. Try to avoid flowery language or long words. How to Write a Formal Let Signature Here finally you sign your name.

how to write a letter

You should try to address the formal letter to a specific person, but if you do not know his or her name, at least try to include his or her title. It may contain additional brief information that has not been mentioned in the body.

Here are a few formatting tips: Heading The heading consists of your address but not your name and the date. So if you are interested and want to know how to write a formal letter in both — digital and handwritten forms, go on reading.

Such letters are written for official purposes to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, seniors, etc and not to personal contacts, friends or family. This is the date on which the letter is being written.

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How to Write a Formal Letter