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They hate Apaches worse than we do. Their intimidating numbers and drawn swords, maintained by an uplifting trumpet horn gives a sense of excitement and assurance. They are all given full weight in their mutual dependence.

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He is keenly interested in the ample supply of whiskey samples from the man's small case. About These Ratings Stagecoach is not the greatest Western of all time, but has been called the first great Western, and played a key role in the status of the Western as the quintessential American genre.

The film's settings and characters are standards, familiar representations of the Old West, etched into the hard stone of the landscape: the wide expanses of dusty hardpan, the flat-top mesas and rocky abutments jutting up out of the ground. A man could live there Boone, the drunken doctor, is a comic character in that he seems to be a remorseless drunk, as affable as he is pathetic.

Stagecoach analysis

The short prologue regarding the cavalry and the telegraph wires The minute expository sequence in the town of Tonto, including the introduction of most of the characters and the establishment of their class distinctions The first leg of the trip on the stagecoach to Lordsburg The Dry Fork way station where the coach stops for food - includes the memorable dinner table scene The second leg of the trip toward Apache Wells in the snow The Apache Wells Mexican outpost, where Lucy's baby is born The final leg of the trip to Lordsburg, including the exciting Indian attack and the cavalry rescue The town of Lordsburg, where Ringo Kid faces the Plummers in a shoot-out The Story The credit titles are presented with a woodblock style typeface. The plot is cleverly designed to incorporate multiple characters that live within different castes, subsequently making the stagecoach itself a microcosm of the bygone era. This was the first Hollywood picture to be filmed in that location -- there wasn't even a paved road yet -- and the valley has made regular appearances in movies ever since. While sociopolitically this is a complicated issue, in terms of narrative it is an especially straightforward one: cowboys vs. However by film's end, the disreputable members of society prove to be the most noble, virtuous, and selfless. Hollywood was left to pick up the shattered pieces of American morale and was able to successfully glue them back together with uplifting films. Buck thinks that the Ringo Kid ought to stay away from Luke Plummer, who is a dangerous and violent man, and whom Buck has recently seen in Lordsburg, the destination of the stagecoach. Dallas complains to the bibulous and disreputable Doc about their shared predicament of being victims of a disease called "social prejudice.

Faustus: Is this the face that wrecked a thousand ships And burnt the towerless tops of Ilium? Stagecoach has officially been remade twice. Conversations during the second part of the journey.

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Boone offers his arm to his banished companion Dallas, invoking thoughts of the French Revolution: "Take my arm, Madame la Comtesse. While sociopolitically this is a complicated issue, in terms of narrative it is an especially straightforward one: cowboys vs.

This was later imitated in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Maverick, among others. These dear ladies of the Law and Order League are scouring out the dregs of the town.

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