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We can achieve anything good in the life using the tool of education. Modern education is liberal, open, and exoteric. Importance of Education Essay 2 words In such competitive world, it is must for all to have good education. Education teaches us how to live in our society with ethical values. On having been educated, a person assimilates and gains knowledge. So, education is the tool which can make every impossible thing possible in the life, society and nation. Today we have drifted away from this ideology because of the rapid commercialization in the education segment.

Yet, we survived because of education. It helps them to learn new things, find good jobs and lead a respectable life in the society. Hence, education is the key to success in the certain area of careers.

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Earlier the education system was so tough and costly, poor people were not able to get higher studies after the 12th standard. Most importantly, education gives us a platform to change the world.

Education expands our vision and creates awareness.

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They are real well wishers of us who helps us in leading our life towards success. Knowledge gained throughout the education period enables each and every individual confident about their life.

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During my freshman year I had no attention to pass any of my classes.

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Importance of Education Essay