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By so doing, e-surveillance minimizes legal liabilities for firms e. Yet occupational differences in leadership styles military leaders are expected to be directive, while nursing supervisors are expected to be considerate may underlie apparent sex differences in leadership.

Otherwise, who would set CEO pay? Such surveillance will insure that employees are indeed working.

Ethical issues in corporate world

After all, various studies find that many employees use the e-mail and internet for personal uses during work hours. Should they have notified them even if not required? Fundamental ethical issues in business include promoting conduct based on integrity and that engenders trust, but more complex issues include accommodating diversity, empathetic decision-making, and compliance and governance consistent with a company's core values. Imposing U. Is the best way to support Palestinians to boycott companies with factories located in West Bank settlements or to promote companies providing good salaries for its Palestinian workers? Are there any issues surrounding the proximity of the plant to the water treatment facility? Employer monitoring represents an invasion of employee privacy. Finally, internet and e-mail monitoring can help control the flow of proprietary information to competitors who welcome secrets that would further their business as well as prevent computer equipment overload e. After all, Americans compete against other host-country or third-country companies, and implementing stringent U. A basic understanding of integrity includes the idea of conducting your business affairs with honesty and a commitment to treating every customer fairly. After all, employers can already obtain genetic information--such as data about an employee's personal or family medical history—through more conventional avenues. Because employees use e-mail and the internet on company time and premises, employers have the right to monitor their usage. In many states, employers can rescind a conditional job offer after obtaining this data. What is more, genetic testing may adversely affect the employment conditions of certain ethnic groups e. A growing body of research by Prof.

A debater or debate team looking for a question of business ethics to tackle would have many options. The green movement believes industry needs to redesign its production methods, goods and services to be more earth-friendly.

Team B poses Question 2 Team A responds 2 min. Maximizing the value of each employees' contribution is a key element in your business's success. With recent advances in genetic science, employers can screen out those who are prone to injury on the job back injuriessusceptible to workplace hazards e.

Card Eds. What is more, genetic testing may adversely affect the employment conditions of certain ethnic groups e.

ethical issues in business

These questions are ripe for debate, as they present no right or wrong answers, and are seen in radically different ways by people of different ideologies and values systems.

Similarly, if Union Carbide had followed U.

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For example, the Aluminum Company of America's ALCOA approach to compliance ensures no one at the company may ask any employee to break the law or go against company values, policies and procedures. The company's commitment to compliance is shored up by its approach to corporate governance: the company expects all ALCOA directors, officers and executives to conduct business in accordance with its business conduct policies. Besides lowering fixed labor costs, pay-for-performance plans best stimulate productivity as well as motivate employees to pursue business objectives by aligning employee interests to company goals. Indeed, any ceiling on CEO pay would violate foundational tenets of Capitalism, which prescribe that the marketplace should determine wages. He did not find a single well-documented case of discrimination. North-Holland, What about the role of local government agencies? Much of their compensation derives from the widespread use of stock options, which presumably peg CEO pay to firm performance. Indeed, European and Asian scholars e. Similarly, Nancy Adler Professor at McGill University says that women make better global managers due to their leadership style. Besides, few people complain about the exorbitant pay of professional athletes. On the contrary, he reported that a person with a serious genetic condition faces little difficulty in getting health insurance because insurance firms assume people will change jobs and therefore policies every two to five years. It's easy to eyeball article titles and click through to the ones that interest you.
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