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In an essay on the responses to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris earlier this year, Gay wrote that, " Life moves quickly butsometimes, consideration does not.

Those who disagree with me, often on Twitter, call this arrogance and I am absolutely fine with that. Then, working with the community leader, the PITC instructor develops a curriculum, with the goal of helping the participants complete a solid body of creative writing work. Entries in the eleven categories are reviewed and judged by panels of distinguished writers, critics, and editors.

Representation Matters It's sad but true that even today awards and honors tend to be awarded disproportionately often to straight, white men.

The moment we accept censorship as our reality is the moment we give our power away. In it was incorporated as a Non-profit organization.

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So seeing Gay, a bisexual woman of color, win such a prestigious award is amazing. Both awards honor men and women who have produced exceptional work in the face of extreme adversity, who have been punished for exercising their freedom of expression, or who have fought against censorship and defended the right to publish freely.

I thank my parents for instilling in me the confidence to believe my ideas matter.

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Last but never least, I thank my partner in crime who is the shelter in the storm and the person who makes it possible for me to be brave by seeing me as I really am and not looking away. In truth, I am not fearless. Little did I know that on this particular Friday night in October, not only was I going to take a selfie with one of my literary she-roes, but I was also going to learn, laugh, and be inspired. Image: Frederick M. Whether she's writing essays for online publications like Salon or the Toast, ruminating on life and food on Tumblr, tweeting to her nearly , followers, or writing fiction that will leave you breathless , Gay is always pretty excellent. The evening also features the presentation of the prestigious First Amendment Award, given to a candidate who has done work in the domestic United States to protect the First Amendment, as well as the Freedom to Write Award, given to a candidate who has fought for freedom of expression internationally. The evening was filled with standard gala fareā€”open bar, chicken and green beans, and the chatter of strangers trying to connect. This gala is the only one of its scope on the West Coast and is attended by more than prominent members of the literary community.
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Roxane Gay Wins PEN Center USA Freedom to Write Award