Nail art trends through time

60s nail art

There are many photos showing the empress with 6-inch-long gold guards protecting her long nails. Previous to this invention people used acid, a metal rod, and scissors to shape and trim the nails. After the internet age and the common use of the social media, [16] the trend became major subculture among women.

Each nail had a unique hand painted flower.

How has nail polish changed over time

Not long after, in , the first liquid nail polish was invented, although it was colorless. To prepare for war , warriors of Babylon spent hours having their nails prepared, hair curled and had other similar beauty treatments. Colors ranged from pink to red, depending on the mixture of the ingredients. Social relevance[ edit ] In some cultures, nail art can be tied to the concept of femininity and the sense of belonging in a group of females. Hollywood starts like to flaunt the newest trends. Several options are available for decorating nails: [18] Glitters. It might be easier to have a professional work your nails, but DIY hacks are an easy winner for the world at large. Sitts, a European podiatrist , who adapted a dental tool for manicure purpose. Nail art is trending in all forms of social media Pinterest and Instagram being the biggest. Sitts' niece invented a nail care line for women of any social class, which eventually reached United States Salons.

Reds and pinks were used on the nail bed while avoiding the area around the cuticles. Nail art trends have been inspired by runways all over the world, some techniques have been simple single strip nails to 3D sparkle on glossy black nails and even leopard print glow in the dark nails.

Women of the lower class wore pastel and neutral shades, while the upper classes wore deep, bright shades.

2000s nail trends

Social media made it easier to connect to the mass audience and with this people started to share their designs as a way of their creativity and use the nail as their blank canvas.

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Summer Nail Trends and Manicure Ideas