Loftus and palmer review

Independent Learning Tasks Draw a table showing the results of experiment one and draw a bar chart to show the results of experiment two. The memory representation is altered: The critical verb changes a person's perception of the accident - some critical words would lead someone to have a perception of the accident being more serious.

Certain other details that could also have influenced the participants answers include: the colour or make of the car; the driver; the ability to estimate speed. The shoppers were quizzed after they left the store, with half of them tested on rainy, cloudy days and the others tested on bright, sunny days.

Loftus and palmer review

Her main focus has been on the influence of mis leading information in terms of both visual imagery and wording of questions in relation to eyewitness testimony.

Journal of Applied Psychology, 71 2 The artificiality of the setting can intimidate participants or make them more obedient. The victim was sure.

loftus and palmer ethical issues

Can bad weather improve your memory? As the video clip does not have the same emotional impact as witnessing a real-life accident the participants would be less likely to pay attention and less motivated to be accurate in their judgements.

Conclusion: This research suggests that memory is easily distorted by questioning technique and information acquired after the event can merge with original memory causing inaccurate recall or reconstructive memory.

This in turn can produce unnatural behavior and results that do not generalize to real life. This perception is then stored in a person's memory of the event.

loftus and palmer hypothesis
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Loftus and Palmer