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Indonesia deforestation case study

They cannot be demonstrated without proper baselines and monitoring. Furthermore, the diversity of projects and their funding sources in Indonesia means that not all demonstration activities need or choose to adopt safeguards for ensuring cobenefits that have been created by entities such as the UN. By assessing these common criteria at different project sites, there is a potential for identifying some of the major challenges to implementation and opportunities for the future. Beyond initial involvement, the literature reports that community engagement and benefit distribution have proven complicated Lawlor et al. Munishi, E. Despite this, independent monitoring may not always make sense for every project, as in the case of the Kapuas Hulu project in which independent monitoring would be expensive and is unnecessary for securing funding. Martius, W. There will be a low water supply and more pollution. Harrison, C. Eko Purnomo, and to Universitas Muhammadiah Yogyakarta. Page in A. At these meetings extensive notes were taken, and they were sometimes recorded and transcribed. And although this kind of direct donor funding is not always available for some projects, it is for others. Thus, triangulating the data in this way, i.

As one community member put it: We do not want palm oil here, we know if we had it here we would not have clean water anymore. They have churches, rice paddies, [a store] When confronted by project organizers, they refuse to leave and retaliate if further action is taken.

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Community involvement is the basis for the project in Kapuas Hulu, and of the three case study sites, they have arguably demonstrated the most effectiveness in incorporating forest communities into their project.

Poulsen, T.

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PloS one 11 12 :e The Rimba Raya project has experienced some encroachment, from both illegal loggers as well as palm oil. Margono, and B. Forests 5 8 Wong, and S. This kind of license gives holders rights to the land for an extended period of time and includes an agreement for a licensing fee paid to the central Indonesian government. Turnhout et al. This includes both enforcement of project boundaries and monitoring of carbon and biodiversity.

Otherwise, decentralization will not significantly improve the health system in Indonesia. Following an inductive coding method Corbin and Straussinterview and meeting transcripts were reviewed at various stages of data collection to develop a list of coding categories based on recurring themes and issues mentioned by respondents.

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Like, how do you really do that?

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Decentralization and health resource allocation: a case study at the district level in Indonesia.