How to write a review on amazon seller

However, this is already a rule that customers are more likely to leave negative feedback than positive.

how do i leave feedback on amazon app

We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take legal action on those who violate our policies. Like I said — this is a sweet loophole! Davide Nicolucci, founder and director of the Amazon marketing consulting firm Growth Hackhas been critical of black hat tactics on Amazon.

This allows a seller to inherit a positive star rating and high ranking for a product without ever selling anything. This book from the Harry Potter cycle has 5-star rating and more than 28K customer reviews. Seller feedback is more difficult to find, as it is not so obvious.

Landing Pages Any seasoned seller will tell you never to drive external traffic straight to your Amazon product listing. Find the order you want to leave feedback for and click View Order.

how to write a review on amazon without purchasing

You did everything right and you have plenty of positive Seller Feedback but just like anything else in life, you cannot please everyone and for whatever reason, you got negative Seller Feedback from someone.

The quicker you address the issue, the higher the likelihood of getting a negative review removed is.

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Amazon seller feedback examples