How to write a proper table of contents

How to change the look of the Table of Contents itself To modify the Table of Contents itself, you need to display the Table of Contents dialog. You can now see roughly what will be included in your Table of Contents. After adding content: Click on the Reference tab.

Tables of Contents don't update automatically when you add a new heading to your document.

how to make a table of contents in thesis

Non-Template Instructions Roman Numeral page number, centered, bottom of page. These are the headings that you previously created when setting up your document. This can easily drive you crazy.

example of table of contents for report

By the way, you can't type the curly brackets yourself. Just note that, while the table of contents is meant to direct the readers, you only want to highlight the most important sections. Double-spaced throughout.

how to write a proper table of contents

Figure 2: Whenever you see this box, always choose the second option and update the entire table. Choose one of the following items on the menu. Other tips Identify the text that you want to appear in the Table of Contents In your document, click within the first major heading that you want to appear in the Table of Contents.

Manual table of contents word

Cross-referencing is useful for not only creating a hyperlink in the text for you to jump back and forth, but also for keeping your referenced paragraph, table and figure numbers up to date if you need to move them about. But if you really need to use other styles other built-in styles, or custom styles , you can put them in your Table of Contents. How it Should Look An example of how the Table of Contents should look: Macro-Template Instructions Template users have an advantage in that there isn't much they need to do concerning the Table of Contents TOC , except write and properly format the rest of their document. If this is an electronic submission, link the title of each section to the corresponding page within the work. This saves you the trouble of going back and re-numbering every paragraph where you have mentioned a figure or table whose number has now changed! Other lists in your dissertation In addition to a table of contents, you might also want to include a list of figures and tables, a list of abbreviations and a glossary in your dissertation. That is, capitalize every word, excluding articles, preposition, or conjunctions. You may have to set the starting page number manually in each document if you want pagination to run consecutively through your project. Let's examine various table of contents examples. At the bottom of the menu, you can choose Insert table of contents. Click on Table of Contents. Non-Template Instructions Roman Numeral page number, centered, bottom of page.

If you make changes to your document that affect the table of contents, update the table of contents by right-clicking the table of contents and choosing Update Field.

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Table of Contents Examples