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Or you could move from page to screen and get coding to create an animated tale. What are the best bits? Which need more work?


Lesson Assessment Ask students to find a partner to read and respectfully critique their writing using the following criteria: Is this story in good order? Look at maps of other fantasy lands such as Middle Earth and Narnia and think about the stories that are set there.

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Any other classics? Open ended Reading activities: Awesome reading tasks and activities for any If you are writing a user manual for an object remember to focus on how to use. Think about the books you are reading. Discuss what devices authors use to make the stories compelling.

How does this compare to your parents?

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Reader to writer Every writer is a reader and every reader can be a writer too. After students complete their information gathering, they can work on their autobiographical timelines and scrapbooks.

Lucy Dimbylow explains.

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Which bits appeal to both? Ask the class if they know why blurbs are written for book covers. N - Nearly a thousand pages long. They comment on the changes they made in order to appeal more to adults and the reasons behind the alterations. Maybe a place you visit on a day out could become the setting for a spooky story, or a newspaper headline about a Jack Russell terrier who makes friends with a tiger could inspire an amazing animal tale. This activity is usually best done on pen and paper but there are numerous digital apps and tools whcih will allow you make this a reality thorugh technoilogy. What do you think are the main ingredients that both children and adults look for in a book? Try and lay it out so it is easy to follow. Comic books and coding Writing a story isn't always just about the words. They are short in length. Another good way to make book reports fun is to write mini reviews on Post-It notes.

Discuss that a family is composed of people living together and functioning as a unit.

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