How do i write a play synopsis me and my girl

Earl Williams John Qualen tells Hildy he couldn't plead insanity because he's "just as sane as anybody else" -- but he didn't mean to shoot the policeman he was convicted of killing.

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Never mind the European war, we've got something a whole lot bigger than that! I though you didn't love me! She calls Walter in a fury to tell him she's tearing up the story she wrote and getting on the train with his check; she won't give him the story because she knows he sent Louie to get Bruce arrested.

A few days after the screening, Rachel dies. Meanwhile, word gets around Benson High that Greg and Rachel have become close. Back at the courts building, Hildy scores an interview with the condemned man. One day, Greg's mother tells him that his childhood friend, Rachel Kushner, is diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.

Reporters all over the room are calling in the story as it happens. The policeman who was murdered was "colored," which makes the case politically tricky for the sheriff and the mayor.

Afterwards, his manager questions why he still has the phone, Liam revealing it has a very important message on it.

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Louie comes into the press room, where Hildy dresses him down for what he did to Bruce. He's a problem because Williams is hiding in his desk.

How do i write a play synopsis me and my girl

When she lets them in, the reporters speculate that Williams could still be in the building. Liam returns to his tour and performs in London. In , for example, it was staged at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for a limited run. In May a performance was televised live from the theatre, one of the first such broadcasts; it was rebroadcast that July. It transferred to the Adelphi Theatre on 12 February and closed on 16 January after an eight-year run and 3, performances. Hildy starts typing another draft while Walter calls Duffy and tells him about the story -- "Earl Williams captured by the Morning Post, exclusive! She's Mrs. Bruce is apparently demanding that she come out; she tells him she's caught the murderer and can't leave.
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