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The investigation is expected to end in mid-June but those on the TV show said they feared MH may never be found.

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Sometimes I feel like I have no right to claim any part of my Asian-ness, given I mostly look and sound so white, and benefit so much from the privilege of passing as white.

Everything was very nicely presented and was very organized. He believes the pilot "was killing himself" and took the passenger aircraft to the most remote place possible so it would "disappear" for ever on March 8, It was really easy This may not be my usual cup of coffee as I am normally one to plunge into the sea of fiction but Made In Malaysia opened my eyes through a different gate.

It was really easy for me to relate because I can easily picture the images as I may already have a foundation on what's there in our country.

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Keep up the great writing, friend. Their stories need to be heard. At the time, experts said they expected to have answers within a matter of weeks. I strongly suggest Malaysians to pick up this book! Officials said there was roughly an 85 per cent chance of finding traces of the wreckage in a new 15, square mile search area.

There are some things about Kota Kinabalu that I carry with me always.

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