Gym business plan in india

In fact, while seeking out an apt location for your gym, you must consider essentials like street access, parking and visibility.

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This may end-up leaving the target consumers clueless about what to try or what not to. Location Requirements And Licensing for Gym in India: Having made your business plan, you already have a bare minimum idea about the space needed.

This combined with new workout programmes — like one called Nu Form — are targeted at people tired of the same stale workout programmes. Polite enquiries turned up a litany of excuses to dodge his morning workout — late nights at work, the weather the annual monsoon had just set inpoor quality of trainers and even a lack of parking at the gym.

Gyms use up space which is generally not usable by other categories, such as nonprime spaces on higher floors in malls and the bylanes of high streets," says Shubhranshu Pani, regional director, retail services, JLL India, a real estate advisory.

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Common house wives and men can also be targeted for joining regular gym sessions. It is also advisable to work out the total cost before setting up.

Registration Process In the initial stage, you will have to apply for registration as provisional basis, as Gym is not considered as Industrial unit.

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Wondering how to open a gym in India? Here are 8 initial steps