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It is housed in a big hall.

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School library media centers in the 21st century can, and should be, hubs for increased student achievement and positive focused school reform--Kathleen D. Essay on Library Uses and Importance — Essay 2 words Introduction Library is a place where there is huge collection of books and various other resources that are made accessible for reading and reference purpose. Libraries play a significant role in spreading knowledge and keeping the reading habit alive in people. The owner of a laptop has the freedom to take it anywhere and be able to use it, and even access the internet wherever there is Wi-Fi. We can borrow books for a week at a time. The Reading Room is adjacent to the Library Room. The library of my school is one of the best in entire area. School libraries and the study programs incorporated by librarians, teachers and administrators cater to the educational growth and development of the students. Libraries are extending their services by providing access to digital means and services by librarians in navigating and assisting with various resources of information. There are general knowledge books that students can read to develop their mind. The essay describes the importance and the need of libraries. It helps them to increase their general knowledge and achieve better understanding of the prescribed subject.

As I look around this library now I see twice as many people on the computers than I do within the walls of the bookshelves. The work-load on the students is so much that they do not get any time to look for an extra book or the students are not duly encouraged to read books and magazines or they do not find the matter available in the books catering to their taste.

English The Current State of our Libraries The library is the cornerstone of every respected university.

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Reading improves social skills, knowledge, mental health, academic performance and offers numerous other benefits. I get two books issue every fortnight. Dugan, and Joan F. Reading frequently in libraries improves vocabulary and develops reading and writing skills of the students. Its public section is full with reading people every time. Libraries create and provide flexible learning space and environment. Many school librarians also perform clerical duties. Libraries provide perfect environment to enjoy read peacefully. Earlier its only paper based works only available in libraries. The later part of the 19th century marked the beginning of the modern American library movement with the creation of the American Library Association ALA in by a group of librarians led by Melvil Dewey. If materials are misplaced or never reshelved, locating information would be impossible. They can get easy access to valuable resources in libraries.

School libraries and the study programs incorporated by librarians, teachers and administrators cater to the educational growth and development of the students.

There are six newspaper stands on which newspapers are placed.

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That study then begs the question, what if it is the quality of the books that pushes students away from using them, rather than the actual concept of utilizing books? It becomes really expensive to maintain libraries and the library staff.

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Our library is assisted by an assistant discipline in the library. Kochtanek and Joseph R. Often these catalogs are web-based from which students can gain access both at school and from home. They help the without libraries educational aims students to learn and gather information independently. It also provides the perfect environment for students to read for pleasure. Besides, they provide space and environment to facilitate individual or group studies and collaboration. Here we have discussed few pros and cons of libraries: Pros of Libraries Virtual libraries provide immediate access to wide range of books and resources. Uses of Libraries Library provides access to various books, materials, resources and digital media for research, information and knowledge.

It impacts positively on the academic performance and achievements of the students.

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