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There is also a series of Lectures on topics related to your reading and writing. This means that you can disagree with literally everything in this thesis statement.

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You need to visit a museum any time before the Proposal is due. Where you place your thesis within the introduction is up to you.

Create a Final Project.

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You will turn this in before the final project, so be sure to check the Schedule for the due date. Evidence can be either textual or anecdotal. And there are hundreds more. The cap is framed in the center and surrounded by blank space on either side. Excerpts from two actual scholarly sources, containing the literature review portion of those articles PDF file. To link a baseball cap to a replication of a text message on Facebook chat is to suggest that all different sorts of people use Facebook chat, just like all different types of people wear baseball caps. This does not mean that individual experiences cannot be used as evidence in a paper. This is a position but not a thesis because the reasons are tied to individual experience and not to facts, reasons, or topics related to the issue. Choose a small topic and delve into it very deeply and in great detail. Foregrounding The blue of the cap and the pink background contrast since one color is light and the other dark. Describing Sources provides a good and bad example of describing how a source answers the research question. Arguments and theses never take the form of a question but posing questions and answering them can lead to an argument that is expressed in a thesis. Due Date: Tuesday, July 2. Both the website and the Hacker guide also discuss how to cite sources intext, which is discussed below in the textual evidence section.

Read these instructions carefully, and always e-mail or phone or visit me with any questions you might have. Study abroad should be required for American undergraduates because it promotes cultural understanding and helps students find jobs in an era of globalization.

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Color With the exception of the title screens showing the Sizzler logo, the colors in this commercial are bright, including sunrises and brightly lit dining rooms. The cap is foregrounded as the viewer focuses on it. Life is both difficult and easy because you can connect with other people but you are often stressed out by your responsibilities to them. There should not be freestanding sentences that are pure quotation in your paper. A position that takes both sides on an issue is not a position. The rhetor makes us aware of what it means to replicate personal, in real life conversations in a digital context, and how empty that can make us feel. Museum Visit: 10 points. The title for reflection and response assignments do not need to be creative.

John Mandel any unabridged edition will do You can get any of these books at the college bookstore or at your public library www. Here's a link for more information: Create a Project Proposal and submit it for approval all Projects require Proposal approval. You can cite your sources by either paraphrasing or quoting.

The ad appeals to pathos through the pleasure or happiness of eating good healthy food, especially the type of good healthy food that you choose.

Reflection and response assignments should include a header, title, and body paragraphs. Think especially about scope: keep it narrow. Look at the directions below to see what is specifically required for the Museum Project Proposal.

Sample summary paragraphs with explanations PDFshowing how a source may be summarized and its argument analyzed succinctly.

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