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Messenger There is a limit to what any writer can do in 20, words, so not too much should be expected of the essays in the Quarterly Essay series.

Three years and three days of resilience. This context may have made Tony Abbott, the man likely to become prime minister next year, wary of being too open with Marr when he was researching his latest essay, Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott.

Cancel anytime. But it's not quite the final word it needs to be. She ranges from ancient Rome to the demoralised state of the once-great Australian public service, from the jingoism of the past to the tabloid scandals of the Internet age.

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And he notes that Shorten's biggest contribution to popular culture is the "zinger" segment in Mad as Hell. But it has nothing startlingly new to say and, frankly, it isn't half as colourful as Marr's previous portraits.

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Political scientists, including Kate Gleeson on abortion politics, have written about Abbott but you would not know it from the research referenced on this occasion. My final observation is that once again this essay reveals the complete failure of academic writing to be taken seriously in this genre.

Very little has changed in the revised version, but the tone and the experience of reading is undeniably altered. Until royal commissioner Dyson Heydon got that fateful invitation to a Liberal Party fundraiser, it did look as if Shorten's trade union career would do him more harm than good.

In this crisp, profound, and witty essay, Laura Tingle seeks answers to these questions.

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