Critical thinking course syllabus

If you learn nothing else in the class, learn to be clear, precise, definite, specific, concrete, distinct, and exact in what you say and write. If at any time in the semester you feel unsure about your "grade", you should request an assessment from the professor.

critical thinking syllabus community college

This course does not provide in-depth analyses regarding critical thinking or creative thinking, nor should it be considered the definitive volume on such topics. Course Description This course summarizes the goals and consequences of critical thinking, as well as items to be aware of when learning how to think critically, including cognitive biases and logical fallacies.

Critical thinking syllabus statement

A student who interrupts the educational process in class. Its goal is logical analysis: first, identify different forms of reasoning or types of arguments and, second, evaluate individual arguments in terms of general evaluative standards applicable to specific argument types. Creativity is taught, in terms of what it is, what its consequences are, and how to cultivate it. Out of class you will enter disciplined reflections into in a journal, using a special format. Cell phones are not permitted during class time. The General Plan The class will focus on practice not on lecture. The Writing Center Students are expected to avail themselves of the resources available at the Writing Center for help with the content, grammar, and sentence structure of their essays BEFORE they turn them in.

This is a mastery exam. Creativity is taught, in terms of what it is, what its consequences are, and how to cultivate it. The US should ban all automatic weapons. Describe types of reasoning skills. Do you thoroughly read them each time?

critical thinking and problem solving syllabus

Week 10 Sept.

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(PDF) Sample Critical Thinking Course Syllabus