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Since a literature review is information dense, it is crucial that this section is intelligently structured to enable a reader to grasp the key arguments underpinning your study in relation to that of other researchers. After reading the introduction, your readers should not only have an understanding of what you want to do, but they should also be able to gain a sense of your passion for the topic and be excited about the study's possible outcomes. There are several formatting styles typically used. What will the results mean to practitioners in the natural settings of their workplace? What problems will it help solve? Grounded in turn stimulates new england utility constructors inc. The unusual symbol will make it easy for you to find the exact location again. Office of Library Information Services.

Double check the facts and figures. Structure and Writing Style Beginning the Proposal Process As with writing a regular academic paper, research proposals are generally organized the same way throughout most social science disciplines. This section should be only one or two paragraphs long, emphasizing why the research problem is worth investigating, why your research study is unique, and how it should advance existing knowledge.

Office of Library Information Services. Instead of providing individual recommendations for each publishing format printed, online, e-books etc. Know how your essay will be evaluated.

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Sometimes a second pair of eyes can see mistakes that you missed. See Also. Failure to cite landmark works in your literature review. Did I leave a sense of completion for my reader s at the end of the paper? Note that this section is not an essay going over everything you have learned about the topic; instead, you must choose what is relevant to help explain the goals for your study.

Think about what questions other researchers have asked, what methods they have used, and what is your understanding of their findings and, where stated, their recommendations. Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews.

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