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kates final speech taming of the shrew

In contrast, Michael Bogdanov's modern dress production by the Royal Shakespeare Company in emphasized the moral and physical ugliness of a male-dominated society. However, she does it with tact and poise, which is no longer met with a dispute. She also has learned how to love by being loved.

She recognizes his argumentativeness as playfulness, and she reacts with a similar elaborate rant of her own. By the time they return to her father's home, the woman is meek and submissive.

Meanwhile, the men begin to chide Petruchio—Baptista, Lucentio, Tranio, and Hortensio still think that Petruchio has been stuck with a vicious shrew, and they give him some grief for it.

We can also break the speech down into a nice little close reading. He's constantly having to improvise. Though it is Petruchio who helped her along the journey, if she hadn't desired for love, in the beginning, her transformation would not have occurred.

Remember when Bartholomew plays the part of an obedient nobleman's wife in the Induction? Each of them will send for his wife, and the one whose wife obeys first will be the winner.

What does kates opening monologue

Kathryn Hunter, who played Katherine at the Globe in , remembers how rankled she felt that "her father was going to marry her off after a single interview". Act V, scene ii Summary: Act V, scene ii Lucentio throws a banquet to celebrate the three recent marriages in Padua: Petruchio to Kate, Lucentio to Bianca, and Hortensio to the widow he had spoken of before. At the wedding, he punches the priest and later refuses to attend the family party. If she had been completely broken of spirit, she would have simply agreed without an elaborate speech. A tangled web is created in the play through deception of character behavior and the change between clothing and class. This question is much like what a child would ask their mother or best friend. Yet Shrew is remarkably popular with audiences: the production opening in Stratford-upon-Avon this week is the Royal Shakespeare Company's third fourth, if you count last year's for young audiences in less than a decade. And yet, Kate eats her Is she sincere when she kneels and fondles Petruchio's feet?

Yes, they drive you potty — but that's between you two. This is proven in several scenes. Hortensio receives a similar response from the widow.

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Essay on Commentary on Kate's Final Speech in Shakespeare's the Taming of the Shrew