Cat in the rain analyses

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From the very beginning, the reader could see that the author creates an atmosphere of emptiness because of the rainy weather, the empty square, the cat that stood alone in the rain and the only one waiter who stood looking at that emptiness.

It is very interesting that the wife had no name, but the author gave to her husband a name: George. The writer could emphasize the faintness of this cat to overcome the situation, the rain.

It was a rainy day and the square was empty. This could be a result of the war which affected human communication. Long hair and silver, as well as a need to nurture, as expressed through her desire for the cat, are all associated with conventional femininity.

The monument is made of bronze, and on the rainy day in which the story is set, it glistens.

cat in the rain analysis symbolism

For a woman to use a word for an animal that is more associated with a child using it. The maid stays behind to close the umbrella.

His choice might be commented that possibly he could compare the cat with the baby for whom the wife maybe wanted to devote her time and attention. But on the other hand she acts like a child by having this wish for a cat.

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An Analysis of “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway