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Considering such factors, one compensation analyst claims that such lending "should not be part of the general pay scheme of perks for executives…I just think it's the wrong thing to do. A few days later, Enron changed pension plan administrators, essentially forbidding employees from selling their shares for at least 30 days.

They brushed her off, and Ms.

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Enron's founder and former CEO Kenneth Lay were convicted on six counts of fraud and conspiracy and four counts of bank fraud. That means individuals are encouraged to come forward with their concerns and know they will be heard and acted upon.

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Among them were: Senior management made little effort to develop a cooperative mindset among the various units of WorldCom. It's simply a milestone. The key to creating a just and ethical corporate culture is to breed fair and lasting business principles. Investors were handsomely rewarded for following Grubman's buy recommendations until stock reached its high, and Grubman rose financially and by reputation. In the first place, Ebbers appeared to be an indifferent executive who "paid scant attention to the details of operations. And the situations that can lead to hard choices can be as complex as the options themselves. The other day the blue chips like GE and IBM had to reassure investors about the strength of their financial controls. Skilling remains in prison and is scheduled for release on February 21, When some of their business and trading ventures began to perform poorly, they tried to cover up their own failures. Enron had recently faced several serious operational challenges, namely logistical difficulties in operating a new broadband communications trading unit, and the losses from constructing the Dabhol Power project , a large gas powered power plant in India that had been mired in controversy since the beginning in relation to its high pricing and bribery at the highest level. Sweetheart Loans To Senior Executives Bernie Ebbers' passion for his corporate creation loaded him up on common stock. Grubman was not alone in his enthusiasm for the future prospects of the company. In the first place, they contribute to the amount of funds reserved to cover bad debts. Enron's audit committee did not have the technical knowledge to question the auditors properly on accounting issues related to the company's special purpose entities.

According to one executive, " t he WorldCom model was a vast wasteland of Clercs, and all capacity was expensive and very underutilized…There was far too much redundancy, and we paid far too much to get it. They need to convince investors these earnings are real, that the company is for real and that growth will be realized.

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He also named Mark Frevert as vice chairman, and appointed Whalley and Frevert to positions in the chairman's office.

By Aprilmany analysts started to question Enron's earnings and the company's transparency.

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Enron Scandal: The Fall of a Wall Street Darling