Back of napkin business plan

That's no way to run a business On one level, your business is unlike any other.

back of napkin business plan

For now, scribbles on a napkin will do. The final prototypes depict a financial dashboard that gives the CFO what he needs in a single view.

what is napkin plan

Is it exciting, Are you motivated to take action to get there? Make sure your campaigns mesh with the way your customers buy.

back of the envelope

After 40 years in business, I've arrived at what I think is the best measure: cash flow. I'm convinced that having a crisp idea of my income goal helped me to achieve it.

The sketches were then turned into computer-generated illustrations for the Web site. This method removes clutter and unnecessary detail. People told me I was crazy not to align myself with a big firm. This is what I put on mine: "We treat delinquent borrowers with dignity and respect. Use this as a general guide. After a few years of looking at income as the key measure, I switched to looking at net worth. Jot down campaign concepts. Napkin Plan — A business plan on a serviette? I'm convinced that having a crisp idea of my income goal helped me to achieve it. While we did some extremely sophisticated things like the first-ever securitization of credit card debt, that simple statement remained "true north" on our corporate compass. Step 4 Set a Time frame Set a finish date for the project after taking into account the tasks to be completed. List anything you should create or update. Critical Element 1: What's your business? Critical Element 2: What's your number?

At right is a representation of the vicious cycle the team was trying to break and how it did so.

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The Napkin Business Plan