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Risks to participants animals or humans should be minimized. For teams with members from different grade levels, the highest grade determines the entry category. If fewer than 5 submissions are received in a category, then these submissions will be rolled into the next round of submissions. CAUSE reserves the right to use the projects and abstracts for promoting undergraduate statistics education. Entrants will not be penalized for acknowledging they asked for guidance. Is there a comparison that could be made between different groups? Design a method to collect the data to answer their question. Optional You may include up to 5 additional pages of information about your project in an appendix as part of the single uploaded file. All participants must be undergraduate students at the time they conducted their class project, but may have recently graduated. Project Scope for USCLAP Competition: The class project competition is for undergraduate students who conduct projects as part of an introductory or intermediate level statistics or data science course. Any project that does not serve this intent may be disqualified at the discretion of the head judge.

Confidentiality and anonymity of participants should be considered. The judges have expertise in statistics but do not necessarily have expertise in the applied domain of your paper.

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A statistical project is the process of answering a research question using statistical techniques and presenting the work in a written report. Data Analysis: Analysis of the data is accurate, thorough, and appropriate. For teams with members from different grade levels, the highest grade determines the entry category.

Any project that uses more advanced statistical techniques will be disqualified. Related documents. All entries become the property of the ASA. The ASA website will announce winners in August.

Projects written reports for grades 7—12 are due every year on June 1.

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By Laura S. The statistical project competition is especially useful for the high school AP statistics classes. Linda J. This competition is sponsored by the American Statistical Association for the purpose of encouraging students to collect and interpret data to answer a statistical question.

This year, the AP statistics exam was held on May 10, three weeks prior to the submission deadline for the project competition.

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ASA project competition