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Additionally, Apple offers service providers who are certified technicians.

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Apple has a specific department within their business that completes their action plans for the business. Products have different value to them within Apple, meaning that some products which has been created are more expensive, advanced technology, different colours etc. In town high streets, there are many businessmen, tourists, and local people to visit their store and buy their products. Apple have minimised the number of complaints due to the business fixing any issues about their products within the first year. Apple has designed their phones to be used for business and includes a large space for internet, contacts, messages etc. The SWOT analysis allows Apple to identify the key influences about their business and Apple takes immediate notice of any weakness and will act to fix the problems. The products are easy for them to use and to bring wherever they go. The business can advertise in and near the shopping centres for potential customers to identify their existence. It targets people. The business has switched to much greener materials so they can help the environment and show customers that they care about the environment. People who attend the gym — customers that attend the gym have a variety of different products Apple have designed and produce to meet their needs. Customers perceive this slogan as, the business has never failed to produce spectacular and the most advanced technology products in the world. Apple keep a close eye on all their employees, to make sure that they are aware of how to speak to customers, keep motivated, welcoming etc.

The business would not have been created without technology, and technology has lead the company to become the most advance business globally. The business provides free one year minimum warranty on all their products.

As well as this, the product life cycle shows Apple if their product is going into decline, which Apple with then take immediate action for their product to stay in the market. The business can advertise in and near the shopping centres for potential customers to identify their existence.

Initiate collaborations with networking companies. Apple is an expensive brand, and customers are willing to spend money on their products.

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Within the maturity stage, sales and profit are at the highest point for Apple. Apple is the most advanced technological company in the entire world, and is the one of the top businesses in earning the most profit each year from small products. The product life cycle indicates the stages in which their product is going through from when it was introduced to the market and when it is out of date. The business has a main mission which is "Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple wants to create more products that will defeat all their competition, due to their advanced technology. To expand the company by 27 stores in the next 2 years. It is extremely important that Apple carry on to advertise daily as they gain many more customers through brand building.

Children — kids find Apple products extremely appealing and entertaining. Apple have some weaknesses towards the business which consists of higher prices than their competition, which means that customers may go to their main competitors for a cheaper product.

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Apple sell their products to customer however, they have set out different plans for businesses. All the employees of Apple, understand the legal policies if there is a hazard within a store, for example, they are aware of all the possible exits in their store for an emergency such as a fire.

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The growth stage of the cycle is when the sales and profit is rising for Apple, as customers are acknowledging the products and more purchases are taking place. Apple Inc. As well as this, Apple should provide many surveys and advertise about their new products. The iPhones are small and easy for customers to use, as well as the technology is advanced yet simple for adults. This is important for the business to ensure that customers are perceiving their slogan in the same way it was created. Parents with children — Apple iPhones are aimed at parents with kids, as the children can play on the phone easily and the children will not have access to the phone without the parents. It was originally named Apple Computer, Inc as the original intent was to make personal computers. Apple sell their products to businesses and customers to gain more profit and customers towards the business. Apple constantly research the economic factors and ensure they are up to date with all the information. As well as this, the business only offers a small range of products for their customers. Their stores are based in city centres and shopping centres, where there are many customers and it is easy to travel to. Customers and the public are extremely interested in what Apple is currently developing and the newest products that the business has just brought out.
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