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The reappointment came after Vital and his government resigned because 8 of 11 political parties signed an agreement to form a new administration that will take the country to elections in either late or early Facts Matter. It is a large island that has a narrow coastal plain with a high plateau and mountains in its center.

As of [update]there were officially species and subspecies of lemur[48] 39 of which were described by zoologists between and Rajoelina then staged weekly protests that grew increasingly violent.

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President Brought Down by a Power Struggle and Coup After a bitter power struggle with opposition leader Andry Rajoelina, the former mayor of the capital, Antananariv, Ravalomanana resigned as president in March The plateau slopes with some regularity toward the extreme southern plain, but its boundaries to the east and west are more abrupt.

Vital has been asked to form a new cabinet for the transitional government. Behind the scarp face are the remains of ancient lakes, including one called Alaotra.

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The presidential elections were a run-off between the top two candidates of an earlier round, Jean Louis Robinson and Hery Rajaonarimampianina. To protect its species, Madagascar has many national parks, and nature and wildlife reserves. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. On May 26, , Madagascar's parliament voted, by a vote, to remove President Rajaonarimampianina from office because of "alleged constitutional violations and general incompetence. Ankaratra is a major watershed divide separating three main river basins. In , Madagascar officially became a French colony. The climate of Madagascar varies based on location on the island but it is tropical along the coastal regions, temperate inland and arid in the south its portions. In , the French retook the island from the British and maintained control until the late s. The turmoil began when Rajoelina was elected mayor of the capital in December , defeating the president's candidate. Of these, 23 species were classified as critically endangered. Military leaders handed over the presidency to Rajoelina in March The country has been in economic and political turmoil since Rajoeling replaced Ravalomanana, which led to Madagascar's suspension from the African Union and the South African Development Community. But Zafy was impeached by Parliament for abusing his constitutional powers during an economic crisis and lost the presidential election to Ratsiraka, who again became president in Feb.

What makes you cringe? She thwarted European efforts to gain sway over Madagascar during her year rule, but also focused her energies on brutally eradicating Christians, neighbouring kingdoms and political rivals.

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More Facts About Madagascar Madagascar has a life expectancy of To the south the two steep gradients meet and form the Mahafaly and the Androy plateaus, which overhang the sea in precipitous cliffs.

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17 amazing facts about Madagascar, the island it took humans , years to discover