A look at the effects of the cuban revolution

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The Cuban Revolution of has been extraordinary in all respects. Nearly Cuban companies are nationalized.

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The Cuban air force rapidly deteriorated: it could not repair its airplanes without importing parts from the United States. This is the man who led a small band of guerrilla fighters to power in the late s, outlasted nine US presidents and ended up at the centre of the most dangerous moment in the Cold War.

He reinstated the constitution, which contained many liberal pro-labour reforms, and tried to return the country to normalcy, but strong opposition developed against him. December Operation Pedro Pan begins. State Department conducts high-level secret talks with Cuban officials.

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June 7: U. March: The Cuban government begins rationing food. It covers the general history of and preconceived notions about the revolution in depth and gives ample attention to both sides of the relationship between the U. September Anti-Castro terrorists assassinate a representative of the Cuban mission to the United States. The response of Latin American establishments was twofold and eagerly supported by the United States. December The U. He predicts Cuba will produce enough milk to satisfy the demands of the entire population. The Cuban government blocks the signal. Most were small splinter groups, but Christian Democrats eventually achieved power in Venezuela, El Salvador , and Chile. Army, his recreating features from Army basic training made a critical difference in the Second National Front troops battle readiness.

December: In an announcement by the U.

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Castro’s legacy: how the revolutionary inspired and appalled the world